Young Professionals Program

The Road to Firm Financial Footing

From structuring the repayment of college debt to financing a home and beginning to save for retirement, young business leaders face a host of challenges and a litany of important decisions as you begin your career and family journey. For a select group of high-income earners with the capacity to accumulate significant wealth, Beaird Harris offers an exclusive Young Professionals Program designed to help you hit the ground running. We understand the unique earning, spending and savings patterns of young professionals and use that expertise to help you make smart business decisions early on, so you can efficiently build sustainable wealth while managing taxes and debt.

  • How do you effectively and tax efficiently maximize your retirement savings?
  • How much can you afford to set aside each month?
  • What’s the most efficient way to reduce your debt burden?
  • Which risk management strategies will best meet your particular needs?

Beaird Harris’s Young Professionals Program is a practical option for young professionals who are committed to saving a minimum of $8,000 per month.

How We Work With You

Going beyond traditional tax and wealth management, we aim to create a totally synergistic experience for our clients.

Tax Services

We’re keenly attuned to the intricacies and opportunities that come with increasing income and complexity.  You can rely on our insight, analysis and expertise when it comes to tax mitigation strategies and structures to preserve your assets – all delivered without the typical accountant-speak. 

Investment Management

We employ a disciplined scientific investment strategy born out of Nobel Prize winning academic research focused on broad global diversification, sound asset allocation principles and a goal of assuming the least amount of investment risk required to successfully achieve your objectives.

Financial Planning

Deploying the latest tools and relying on decades of practical experience, we’ll work with you to build your vision of an ideal future, and provide continuous guidance and oversight to keep you on track while efficiently integrating your planning, investment and tax decisions.

Tax & Accounting Services provided by Beaird Harris, PLLC.
Investment Management & Financial Planning Services provided by Beaird Harris Wealth Management, LLC.

We believe that clients are best served when all facets of finance and taxes are viewed holistically. While clients are not required to use both firms, many value the simplicity of working with a single enterprise to integrate tax and wealth management for a fully coordinated solution.

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