COVID-19 Update: Beaird Harris has shifted a significant number of our team members to work remotely.
We continue to serve and care for our clients, just as we always have, and are available by phone, video or email.

Beaird Harris is closed on Thursday, February 24th due to inclement weather. 
During this time our team will be fully available via phone or email should you need assistance. 

Beaird Harris will be closed on Friday, July 3rd in observance of the Independence Day holiday.


Tra Sullivan

Do Downturns Lead to Down Years?

Volatility is a normal part of investing. Tumbles may be scary, but they shouldn’t be surprising. A long-term focus can help investors keep perspective.

Carla Medrano

Employee Retention Credit Fraud Alert

The Employee Retention Tax Credit (“ERC”) is on many business owners’ minds. Originally introduced as part of the CARES Act, it was intended to encourage

Ginnie Baker

The Cost of Trying to Time the Market

The effect of being out of the market for even a short time can be profound—missing a period of strong returns can drastically impact overall

Chase Perry

Volatility and Investing Principles

Amid market swings, it is easy to lose sight of the potential benefits of staying invested over the long run. While no one has a

Kristy Carlton

The Accountable Plan: A Win-Win Tax Move

Having an accountable plan has always been a great way for a business to give employees a tax-free benefit that’s also deductible, but it’s now

Ameerah Morsy

Setting Your Salary as a Business Owner

Executives in larger firms often rely on their board of directors and the human resources department to establish pay scales, retirement plans, and health insurance

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