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An Integrated and Personalized Path to Financial Planning

Your life isn’t just about where you invest your money. While most seek our guidance primarily for investment insights, they quickly realize the value we offer goes beyond just that. It’s about making the right choices across all financial areas, from investments and taxes to planning for retirement and ensuring future generations benefit from your legacy. At Beaird Harris, we’re here to guide you through every financial decision, ensuring you always feel confident and secure. 

Beaird Harris’ WealthGuideSM planning process effectively integrates investment management, financial planning, estate planning and risk management considerations. Through our financial planning process, we’ll help you identify and address the decisions you will need to make to maximize your retirement. Whether you are just starting out, already retired, or somewhere in-between, you’ll benefit from having a well-thought-out plan that helps you understand where you are today and creates a roadmap to get you where you want to be.

Retirement Plan Feasibility Analysis

Cash Flow



Social Security Optimization


Required Minimum Distribution

Your Blueprint for a Fulfilling Future

At Beaird Harris, we believe that your financial journey isn’t just about numbers; it’s about paving a path to a happy, healthy, and meaningful life. With our holistic financial planning service, we’re committed to ensuring every facet of your financial life works in harmony.

  • Your Financial Goals, Clearly Defined: Navigating your financial future starts by understanding your aspirations. We prioritize your goals and objectives into Needs, Wants, and Wishes, ensuring every financial choice you make aligns seamlessly with your life’s priorities. 

  • Interactive Financial Tools at Your Fingertips: Your financial landscape is dynamic, and so should be your planning tools. Our unique interactive features empower you to tweak critical aspects like retirement age, savings, and specific goals, offering you real-time feedback. Witness the immediate effects of these changes, ensuring your plan remains responsive and adaptable.

  • Planning for the Unexpected: Life is filled with uncertainties, but with our “What Are You Afraid Of?” feature, we’re able to confront these unpredictables head-on. By addressing factors beyond our control, we provide tools and strategies to maintain stability even when faced with the unexpected.

The Importance of Annual Reviews

Financial planning is not a one-and-done endeavor. It’s a dynamic process that requires periodic attention and fine-tuning. We advise revisiting your financial plan annually or during significant life changes to ensure it remains aligned with your evolving needs and circumstances.

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