Estate Planning

Optimize and Protect Your Family’s Future

In the face of unforeseen events, how well-prepared is your family? While it’s a topic many shy away from, proactive planning is vital. An estate plan gives you peace of mind, ensuring your wishes are followed and your family’s future is secure. At Beaird Harris, we cherish that notion, guiding you through a tailored estate plan review.

Beaird Harris’ WealthGuideSM planning process effectively integrates investment management, financial planning, estate planning and risk management considerations. Our estate planning strategies help you achieve your goals while minimizing income and estate taxes, avoiding unnecessary property transfer costs and delays, and preserving wealth for you and your beneficiaries.


  • Personalized Approach: We offer an estate plan review to help ensure all your goals and objectives are addressed and identify opportunities for improvement. From transfer of wealth to guardianship and charitable giving, we’ll make sure your wishes are clearly defined and honored.

  • Team-Based Strategy: We take a collaborative approach when reviewing your estate plan. We’ll work alongside you and your attorney, or if needed, recommend trusted legal counsel to ensure your wishes are met, and close any gaps so you feel confident your estate and heirs are protected.

  • Tax-Efficient Planning: Working alongside your CPA, we’ll review the tax implications around your estate by helping you mitigate federal, estate and inheritance taxes. We’re well-versed in IRAs, tax regulations, and wealth transfer tax impacts, ensuring a well-informed plan.

  • Strategic Implementation: Failure to properly implement your documents can undermine the very protections and wishes they were designed to uphold, making the entire process futile. Our review helps ensure your assets are titled according to your intentions and that your beneficiary information is up to date.

  • Periodic Reviews: For us, estate planning isn’t just a one-time task because someone suggested you need a will. Therefore, we recommend you revisit every four years, or at any significant life event, to determine if any adjustments are needed based on your personal circumstances or changes to related tax laws.

Prioritizing Your Interests

As fiduciary advisors, our dedication is focused on your best interests. We don’t draft estate planning documents, ensuring that our guidance remains impartial and free from potential conflicts of interest. Our primary objective in reviewing your estate planning documents is to offer clear, unbiased recommendations tailored to your unique circumstances. With our advisors, you can be assured that any advice to update or adjust your estate plan stems purely from a desire to serve your best interests, not any financial incentive on our part. Your future and legacy are our paramount concerns, not our bottom line.

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