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Beaird Harris Appoints Clint Dunn as Chief Compliance Officer and Partner of Beaird Harris Wealth Management, LLC

Dallas-based Registered Investment Advisor expands ownership team and names new CCO of Beaird Harris Wealth Management.

Clint Dunn was appointed Chief Compliance Officer of Beaird Harris Wealth Management, LLC, and was admitted to the firm’s team of partners alongside Ginnie Baker, effective January 1, 2021. “We are excited to share the news of the firm’s expanded partner group,” said Pat Beaird, Co-Founder of Beaird Harris. “The additional ownership continues to position Beaird Harris to remain independent and to carry on our services for many generations to come. Our new partners exemplify a passion for excellence and an unyielding commitment to quality, integrity and living our values.”

As the CCO, Clint will oversee and manage compliance issues to ensure that the firm follows various regulatory requirements and that team members are in adherence with internal procedures and policies.  Clint will work to instill a culture of compliance, nurture an environment where team members understand the value of honesty and integrity, and encourage everyone to take compliance issues and their fiduciary responsibility seriously. 

His range of experience with Beaird Harris includes marketing, communications, recruiting, operations, financial planning, and wealth management, which will provide a unique perspective in the role of CCO and has allowed him to become a leader in communications, experiences, and technology across both our tax and wealth management practices.

Clint is in constant pursuit of enhancing the Beaird Harris experience, for clients and team members alike.  He works to ensure that the Beaird Harris brand embodies the firm’s vision and values, that clients and prospective clients enthusiastically engage, and the culture is such that team members can thrive. 

He is passionate about delivering innovative and intuitive solutions and works to ensure adoption and consistency across the Beaird Harris brand while highlighting the warmth, passion, and forward-thinking approach the firm brings to tax and wealth management.

Clint joined Beaird Harris in 2007. He is a Certified Financial Planner™ professional, licensed Investment Advisory Representative and a member of the Financial Planning Association of Dallas/Fort Worth. He also participates in Dimensional Fund Advisor’s CMO Forum and Zero Alpha Group’s CMO and CCO Forums. He earned a BBA in Marketing with emphasis in Branding and a Certificate in New Product Development from the University of North Texas in 2007. In addition, he completed the Certificate Program in Financial Planning at Southern Methodist University in 2011.

About Beaird Harris

Beaird Harris is a Certified Public Accounting and fee-only Wealth Management Firm dedicated to helping financially established individuals, families, businesses and healthcare professionals navigate complex tax regulations and develop comprehensive wealth management solutions. Beaird Harris offers tax, accounting, business consulting, investment management, financial planning, family office and retirement plan services.

Beaird Harris, PLLC and Beaird Harris Wealth Management, LLC are affiliates who operate in a collaborative team environment under the enterprise name of Beaird Harris. We believe that clients are best served when all facets of finance and taxes are viewed holistically. While clients are not required to use both firms, many value the simplicity of working with a single enterprise to integrate tax and wealth management for a fully coordinated solution.

Beaird Harris, PLLC is a Certified Public Accounting Firm.
Beaird Harris Wealth Management, LLC is a Registered Investment Advisor with the SEC.

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